World jazz with an endearing Scots lilt, featuring strong themes, passionate sax and Jaco-style electric bass.

Phil Johnson - The Independent on Sunday

Through playing together over the past three years Nuadha Quartet have established a wide-ranging approach to music yet still produce a distinctive ‘Nuadha’ sound. While the emphasis is on memorable tunes the band also draws influence from Brazilian, Moroccan and Gaelic cultures.

Based in the Welsh Borders, Nuadha Quartet was put together in 2016 by Colin Tully composer of cult classic film, Gregory’s Girl and ex-John Martyn sideman, on Fender Rhodes with Chris Egan on tenor and soprano sax, Carles Riba on electric bass and Pedro Brown on drums and percussion. Brazilian rhythms, a shamelessly melodic approach with a dash of Celtic seasoning are blended to create an appetizing jazz stew.

Pedro Brown - Drums and Percussion

After establishing himself as a much sought-after drummer in the Welsh borders in the 80s and 90s Pedro undertook two long globetrotting trips taking him to a variety of countries including China, Africa, Australia and North America. Armed with his camera he brought back an amazing catalogue of portrait photographs and a wealth of experience jamming with local musicians of many cultures, experiences that inspired his two well-received solo albums.

Chris Egan - Saxophones

Chris undertook tuition with jazz legend Tim Garland back in the 90s before taking himself off for a ten year stint in Peru where he gained valuable experience playing with numerous South American musicians and Martin Joseph’s La Paz Jazz Ensemble. Chris took the opportunity to take several solo treks into the remote High Andes, an experience that still informs his playing. Since his return to the UK he has played with Dhevdhas Nhairs Nonet and Red River Blues as well as studying under sax innovator, Iain Ballamy.

Carles Riba - Bass

Raised in Barcelona Carles’ musical journey with the bass started with the Spanish music scene in numerous bands, Galeria Onfrica, Diego Cortes and Salsa de Verano. Jaco Pastorius was an early influence and Carles had obtained a scholarship to study with him just before Jaco’s untimely death. After a stint in London Carles settled in Monmouthshire where he has composed numerous drama documentaries for the BBC and other UK television channels.

Colin Tully - Keyboards

Colin started out his music career as an alto saxophonist playing and writing for Glaswegian band Cado Belle in the 70’s. He then went on to write the scores for two Bill Forsythe films, ‘That Sinking Feeling’ and the cult classic ‘Gregory’s Girl’. In the 80’s he toured with Scottish singer-songwriter Jon Martyn and featured on four of his albums. On moving to Bristol in the 90’s he led Celtic-Jazzers, Sensorium. After settling in Monmouthshire in 2002 he was seduced by the lyrical playing of Chris Egan and proposed forming a band with Chris in which Colin would move onto piano, the latest incarnation being Nuadha Quartet.